Azabu at Mission Bay

Azabu at Mission Bay is rich in history, culture and heritage, making it the perfect venue to add your story. The 19th Century Mission building has been reinvigorated to give your event a true beachfront escape, whether it’s an intimate dinner or an away day.

With both indoor and outdoor event spaces, and the restored private room within the Stonehouse.

Mission is the perfect event space trifecta, for formal and informal gatherings. This beach-side property is a welcome haven from the CBD, only minutes away.

Azabu Ponsonby combines Peruvian Nikkei flavours with more Tokyo-Style dishes in a dining room that’s just as lively. Hidden away out the back, off Maidstone Lane, Azabu’s stealthy sake & cocktail lounge, Roji Bar.

Executive Chef Yukio Ozeki is a big fan of Nikkei, the fresh Peruvian Japanese crossover flavours that have grown out of Peru’s huge Japanese community. Yukio’s menu combines Nikkei-influenced dishes and modern Japanese with an emphasis on the fun and the interesting.